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    French Lyon International Swimming Pool and Sauna Equipment Exhibition Piscine Global Europe was founded in 1979 and is held every two years. It is the largest and most important international trade exhibition in the European swimming pool field. The exhibits of the 2018 exhibition covered personal residential, commercial, outdoor and other swimming pool facilities and equipment, as well as health facilities such as spa saunas. It attracted exhibitors from 13 countries including Italy, Spain, Belgium, Britain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Middle East, China, Japan, South Korea, etc.
    Phase 2: October 23-27, 2019
    The Barcelona International Swimming Pool Show has been growing ever since it was first held in 1994, and has gradually developed into one of several large-scale exhibitions in Europe. The organizer of the show is FIRA DE BARCELONA Group in Barcelona, Spain, and is one of the well-known show organizers in Europe.
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