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    Australian Pool Fair 2018 Introduction: The Australian International Sauna SPA pool fair was founded in 1998 and is hosted by interpointevents Australia, a biennial event, is currently in Australia to sauna, swimming pool and SPA industry products as the theme-the exhibition event, in the forefront of the industry. Swimming pools, Saunas and spas are now necessary for many fitness centers, fitness clubs, hotels, beauty salons and private homes, and the industry has a bright future. The Australian Pool Fair, which began in 1998, has grown over the years, attracting more and more decision makers, operators, private and public sector experts, swimming pool manufacturers, retailers, installation engineers, physiotherapy and gym representatives, planners, architects and others come to Australia to learn about the industry's products and advice.
    The first phase of the 2018 Canton Fair: April 15-19 Bathroom facilities, import exhibition area and other exhibition areas. For more information, click: https://easespas.en.alibaba.com/
    2017 Barcelona Pool Show in Spain | PISCINA BARCELONA Exhibition time: October 17-20, 2017 Venue: Gran Via Exhibition Center, Barcelona
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